With more than 50 years of experience in the strain gage industry, HPI is a major supplier of hostile environment sensors and strain gage accessories and services.  Our team at HPI strives to deliver high quality products to its customers at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

HPI’s strain gages are used extensively for dynamic and static strain measurement in high temperature and waterproof environments.  HPI’s gages can be purchased as pre-assembled units for easy field installation and strain measurement.  We also have the ability to customize our gages with many different options in order to fit your application needs.

In addition to our wide range of strain gages and accessories, HPI offers installation and structured light services as well as engineering support.

HPI’s gages are used in various fields such as aerospace, transportation, civil engineering and industrial organizations worldwide.  Our customers rely on our strain gages for critical strain measurement applications. Universities and government agencies purchase our products for use in experimental stress analysis projects for engineering and research programs.   You will find our strain gages hard at work in some of the most demanding environments; from northern Alaskan pipelines to the deserts of California, as well as in seawater at depths of 500 feet.

An important element of our business is research and development.  New alloys and sensing materials are being developed and tested in order to meet industry demands and environmental changes.  HPI has supported its customers for many years in these efforts.

Whether you’re testing components for failure analysis or dealing with long term structural monitoring, our experienced sales and technical support personnel are ready to assist you in choosing the right strain gage for the job.

Contact our Engineering Support team at sales@hitecprod.com or call us at 978-772-6963 so we may assist you with your application.