Capacitive Discharge spot welders are one of the most cost-effective welding solutions for fine-spot resistance welding. CD weldersĀ have quick energy release, small heat affected weld zones, repeatable energy release independent of line voltage fluctuations, and are capable of extremely fine energy adjustment.

Two of the best sources we have found for purchasing welding equipment for strain gage use, are Vishay Micro Measurement and Sunstone Engineering. Below, you will find contact information to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

You may also order welding equipment through HPI along with your other strain gage purchases. Please contact our sales department for price and availability.

Modal #700 Spot Welder

Vishay Micro MeasurementsĀ (Website)

Description: A battery-operated capacitive discharge spot welder for attaching and wiring weldable strain gages and temperature sensors.


  • Separate visual and audible indicators monitor welder status
  • Supplied with a lightweight soldering pen
  • “Low-battery” light to warn when battery requires charging
  • Convenient storage space for cables and instruction manual

PDF Data Sheet

Model #CD100SPM Spot Welder

Sunstone Engineering CD Welders (Website)

Description:Ā Capacitive discharge spot welders, also called capacitive resistance or Capacitor Discharge spot welders, have many advantages over other welder types:

  • Quick energy release for welding highly conductive metals such as copper
  • Small heat affected weld zones
  • Repeatable energy release independent of line voltage fluctuations
  • Capable of extremely fine energy adjustment

PDF Data Sheet