Product Category: High Temperature Weldable

Hoskins – HBWAH Series

Max Temp: 1800°F (980°C). HBWAH Weldable Strain Gages are constructed of an iron chrome aluminum alloy (Hoskins 875 ™) providing high resistivity and very good oxidation resistance. Recommended for high temperature static measurements where a compensating gage, a half bridge or full bridge configuration is used.

Karma – HBWAK Series

Max Temp: 650°F (350°C). HBWAK Series gages are constructed of self-temperature compensated K alloy wire, and bonded to a Hastelloy® X shim. Standard gages are compensated for mild steel (6ppm/°F). K alloy is a highly corrosion resistant alloy with superior properties. Many of our customers utilize K-Alloy gages for nuclear and fossil fuel applications as well as renewable energy projects, where harsh environments cause corrosion.

Platinum – HBWAPT Series

Max Temp: 1900°F (1038°C). HBWAPT Series strain gages are constructed with a platinum-tungsten alloy that has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, and low, stable temperature coefficients of resistance. These high temperature strain gauges are an excellent choice to measure the stress distribution and fatigue life of turbine blades in rapidly rotating turbo jet engines. Other uses include test and failure analysis in many automotive and aerospace applications.

Nichrome V – HBWANV Series

Max Temp: 1600°F (871°C). HBWANV Strain Gages are configured with a Nichrome wire sensor bonded to a Hastelloy® X shim using flame sprayed alumina. These fatigue resistant gages are commonly used to measure vibratory strain in extreme high temperature environments on test components for automotive, aerospace and power generation applications.