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Self-Temperature Compensating

Maximum operating temperature: 650°F (350°C)

Description: Wire resistance strain gages constructed of K alloy (Evanohm), and factory heat treated to provide temperature compensation of 6ppm/°F (10.8ppm/°C) on standard materials.

Features: Good fatigue life and excellent stability.

Uses: Recommended for static measurements in long term monitoring applications.

Strain Type: Static
Gage Factor (nominal): 2.0
Lead Wire/ Length/ Type: .003” Chromel A², 2.75”, Z Configuration.

Part Number

Grid Length

Grid Width

Data Sheet (50-531)



Data Sheet (50-530)



Standard gage configurations can be customized for individual applications
Choose options from the table below for high temperature bondable strain gages

Gage Resistance

12: 120 Ohms
35: 350 Ohms

Gage Length

125: 1/8″ active grid
250: 1/4″ active grid

Lead Length

Standard: 2.75″
Custom: 2.75″ – 12″

Lead Wire Configurations

ZCW: 0.003” Chromel A2