HPI is a leading manufacturer and installer of high temperature strain gages for the Aerospace industry. Strain measurement is a critical component during engine and aircraft testing. HPI manufactures wire wound strain gages with a temperature range of up to 2000°F allowing for testing and analysis of high temperature parts and components. HPI’s dynamic HFN series strain gages are well known in the industry for their versatility and reliability. To date, millions of these wire wound strain gages have been used for stress and fatigue analysis on hundreds of components.

Within the industry there is demand for the development of lighter, hotter and longer lasting components for aircrafts, launch vehicles and missiles to name  a few. This is apparent at HPI by the increase in requests to instrument these advanced materials, such as CMC composites, with high temperature strain gages. At HPI, developments are continually being made in higher temperature gage manufacturing as well as application methods for testing.

The following are a few examples of HPI’s aerospace applications:

  • High Nickel OEM components worldwide
  • Alumina based CMC components over 2000°F
  • Carbide based CMC components to 2400°F

Aerospace companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin and GE have relied on HPI’s strain gages for a variety of their testing needs.

Examples of gages used in the aerospace industry are HFN, HFH & HFP series.

In addition to selling strain gages and installation accessories, HPI also offers installation services. Any component that can be shipped to our 27,000 sq/ft facility is a potential candidate for in-house gaging services. Our application engineers will work with you to determine the most suitable sensor type and installation technique to achieve your testing goals.

For assistance with your application, please contact Sales@hitecprod.com or by calling 978-772-6963.