HPI has been involved with several large civil projects since its inception.  From Dams, Locks, Underwater Structures, and Stadiums, HPI gages have provided valuable monitoring and stress data to our customers.  For over 30 years HPI gages have operated in environments deemed impossible with other sensors.

In one instance a stadium was monitored during earthquake conditions and gage information provided data for before and after event comparison.  In another, HPI gages were installed underwater, and the structure was monitored during a hurricane which eventually lead to the collapse of the structure, but gage information provided analysis data during the entire catastrophic event.  These are but a few of the cases where HPI gages captured information thought to be unobtainable.

HBW, HBWS and HBWR series weldable strain gages are designed for water immersion and outside environments.

In addition to selling strain gages and installation accessories, HPI also offers installation services.  Any component that can be shipped to our 27,000 sq/ft facility is a potential candidate for in-house gaging services. Our application engineers will work with you to determine the most suitable sensor type and installation technique to achieve your testing goals.

For assistance with your application, please contact Sales@hitecprod.com or by calling 978-772-6963.