HPI’s weldable strain gages were initially manufactured for Coast Guard shipboard monitoring of its icebreakers. From Alaska to Hawaii the gages performed beyond expectations in monitoring the hull and other structural components aboard ships. Gages were required to operate under seawater, a tougher environmental condition than still water immersion. From that point many large ship board applications have been instrumented. Military surface ships, submarines, and large cruise lines have utilized weldable strain gages and thermocouples for crucial data taking. The world’s largest Cruise liner (at the time) was instrumented with weldable strain gages and then sailed from Manhattan to Italy for several trips to take data while enduring storms and large wave events to monitor and validate expected strain levels. All gages functioned and not one gage was lost during monitoring. A comparison of bonded foil gage showed that weldable gages could be installed at a fraction of the time and the foil gage could not endure the environment aboard ship and failed prematurely when compared to weldables.

Examples of gages used in the marine industry are the HBW and HBWS series.

In addition to selling strain gages and installation accessories, HPI also offers installation services. Any component that can be shipped to our 27,000 sq/ft facility is a potential candidate for in-house gaging services. Our application engineers will work with you to determine the most suitable sensor type and installation technique to achieve your testing goals.

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