HPI has been supplying the transportation industry with high and low temperature strain gages for over 40 years. With a diverse product offering of high temperature direct bond and weldable strain gages, as well as low temperature waterproof weldable strain gages, it’s likely HPI has a sensor to fit your strain measurement application. If our standard gages aren’t sufficient for your application, we also offer custom strain gage fabrication to accommodate a variety of unique installation challenges.

Customers have used our sensors in a wide range of transportation applications including structural health monitoring of bridges, railways, and construction projects as well as a variety of automotive components to name a few.

In addition to selling strain gages and installation accessories, HPI also offers installation services. Any component that can be shipped to our 27,000 sq/ft facility is a potential candidate for in-house gaging services. Our application engineers will work with you to determine the most suitable sensor type and installation technique to achieve your testing goals.

For assistance with your application, please contact Sales@hitecprod.com or by calling 978-772-6963.